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We stock 475 parts for 216 models for Valmet & Valtra. Listed below are model numbers grouped by the tractor series they are in. You can use your browser's "find on this page" feature to locate your model number. Clicking on a model number will list all product categories that have tractor replacement parts suitable for that model.

Valmet & Valtra Model Index

1100 (100 Series)1102 (02 Series)1103 (03 Series)1110 (Loaders)1112 (Loaders)1200B (Loaders)1203 (03 Series)1502 (02 Series)
2005 (05 Series)205 (05 Series)2105 (05 Series)255 (55 Series)
305 (05 Series)33 (Pre 1965)355 (55 Series)359 (Pre 1965)361 (Pre 1965)365 (65 Series)
405 (05 Series)415 (15 Series)455 (55 Series)465 (65 Series)
500 (100 Series)502 (02 Series)503 (03 Series)504 (04 Series)505 (05 Series)515 (15 Series)555 (55 Series)565 (65 Series)
600 (100 Series)6000 (Mezzo Series)602 (02 Series)604 (04 Series)605 (05 Series)6100 (Mezzo Series)612 (Pre 1965)615 (15 Series)6200 (Mezzo Series)6250 (Mezzo Series)6250 HiTech6300 (Mezzo Series)6350 (Mezzo Series)6350 HiTech6400 (Mezzo Series)6450655 (55 Series)6550 (Mezzo Series)6550 HiTech6600 (Mezzo Series)665 (65 Series)6650 (Mezzo Series)6650 HiTech6750 (Mezzo Series)6750 HiTech6800 (Mezzo Series)6850 (Mezzo Series)6850 HiTech6900 (Mezzo Series)
700 (100 Series)702 (02 Series)703 (03 Series)705 (05 Series)712 (Excavators)715 (15 Series)755 (55 Series)
800 (100 Series)8000 (Mega Series)8000 LS802 (02 Series)803 (03 Series)805 (05 Series)8050 (Mega Series)8050 E8050 HI8050 HiTech8050 LS8100 (Mega Series)8100 E8100 LS812 (Pre 1965)815 (15 Series)8150 (Mega Series)8150 E8150 HI8150 HiTech8150 LS8200 (Mega Series)8200 E8300 (Mega Series)8350 (Mega Series)8350 HI8350 HiTech838 (Forestry)840 (Forestry)8400 (Mega Series)8400 E8450 (Mega Series)8450 E8450 HI8450 HiTech855 (55 Series)8550 (Mega Series)8550 E8550 HI8550 HiTech8600 (Mega Series)862 (Forestry)865 (65 Series)8650 HiTech8750 (Mega Series)8750 E8800 (Mega Series)8850 (Mega Series)8950 (Mega Series)8950 HI8950 HiTech
900 (100 Series)902 (02 Series)903 (03 Series)905 (05 Series)912 (Pre 1965)915 (15 Series)
A65 (A Series)A72 (A Series)A75 (A Series)A75 LA75 NA82 (A Series)A85 (A Series)A85 LA85 NA92 (A Series)A92 LA95 (A Series)A95 LA95 N
C100 (C Series)C110 (C Series)C120 (C Series)C130 (C Series)C150 (C Series)C90 (C Series)
M120 (M Series)M130 (M Series)M150 (M Series)
N101 (N Series)N101 ClassicN101 HiTechN111 (N Series)N111 HiTechN121 (N Series)N121 DirectN121 VersuN141 (N Series)N142 DirectN142 VersuN82 (N2 Series)N91 (N Series)N92 (N2 Series)
S230 (S Series)S232 (S Series)S240 (S Series)S260 (S Series)S262 (S Series)S280 (S Series)S292 (S Series)S322 (S Series)S352 (S Series)
T120 (T Series)T121T121 CT121 HiTechT130 (T Series)T131T131 HiTechT132T132 DirectT132 Versu (T2 Series)T140 (T Series)T140 ET140 EHT150 (T Series)T151T152T152 DirectT152 Versu (T2 Series)T160 (T Series)T161T161 HiTechT162T162 DirectT162 VersuT170 (T Series)T171T171 HiTechT172T172 DirectT172 Versu (T2 Series)T173 VersuT180 (T Series)T182T182 DirectT182 Versu (T2 Series)T190 (T Series)T191T191 HiTechT202T202 DirectT202 Versu (T2 Series)
X100 (X Series)X110 (X Series)X120 (X Series)XM130 (XM Series)XM150 (XM Series)

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