Thermostat for Fiat, Ford, Universal, Long Tractor | TX10258, 04569187, 4569187 - S.63078

Thermostat for Fiat, Ford, Universal, Long Tractor | TX10258, 04569187, 4569187
Thermostat for Fiat, Ford, Universal, Long Tractor | TX10258, 04569187, 4569187 - view 1

Technical Information

Thermostat for Fiat, Ford, Universal, Long Tractor | TX10258, 04569187, 4569187 Thermostat (74°C/168°F)


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Ford New Holland
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Universal Tractors

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S.700267 Tractor Parts Volume 1
Français - Pièces Techniques 2014 (Vol 1) -
S.70318 Fiat
S.73978 Ford

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