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              Agrifilter Filters at MalpasOnline

              We are proud to stock over 280 Agrifilter filters including engine air, oil, fuel, hydraulic & transmission, cab air, and engine coolant suitable for all leading tractor makes and models.

              If you're unsure what filter fits your application then check your vehicle documentation or contact us with your enquiry.


              If you have your filter's part number - you can use the OEM, Agrifilter or Sparex part numbers - you can enter it directly in the search box at the top of the page.

              Agrifilter air filters Agrifilter air filters

              Air Filters

              How often should I change my air filter

              Across all seasons your tractor's air filter can collect a lot of dirt, dust, field debris and bugs and will eventually need to be replaced before the efficiency of the filter is compromised. There aren't any real penalties for replacing your filter too early, except for the cost of the filter, but by not replacing a clogged one can severely damage your engine as this relies on a supply of clean air to stop any foreign objects entering the internal engine system.

              One of the best ways to ensure that the filter is replaced regularly is to adhere to the owner's manual or service schedule for your tractor, this should inform you of the normal interval that the air filter should be replaced. In some circumstances the manual may say to inspect the filter before replacing. This can be an ambiguous instruction as one mechanic's inspection may differ to another but in general if you think that filter has too much dirt, dust or debris then err on the side of caution and replace the filter.

              Reasons why your air filter should be replaced.

              Increased fuel efficiency: This is normally the main reason for changing an air filter as research has shown that an old filter covered in dirt can be less efficient than a new one. Plus, a clean air filter can also improve the vehicle's acceleration helping you to escape any potentially dangerous situations where a burst of speed is required.

              Reduced emissions: An incorrect level of fuel and air mixture can damage the engine and produce extra emissions in the process. If the air filter is clogged it can restrict air flow into the engine which may lead onto expensive repair bills as the mixture becomes too rich in fuel.

              Engine life is increased: By stopping any foreign objects, (dust and dirt), getting into the internal workings of an engine will prolong the life expectancy of it. For example, if any grit gets into the engine this can cause the cylinder heads and pistons to wear out prematurely result in unnecessary and costly repair bills.

              Air filters are relatively cheap and easy to replace: Sometimes any mechanical repairs can be quite expensive but replacing your air filter is one of the less costly tasks to do and can be undertaken by any competent person. One you have found the correct fitment of air filter (search by refining make and model), with the help of your owner's manual you should be able to swap out the filters in as little time as 30 minutes.

              Agrifilter oil filters Agrifilter oil filters

              Oil Filters

              The oil filter attached to a tractor's engine is specifically design to catch any contaminates in the oil that has gathered inside the engine over time. Engine oil should always be kept as clean as possible from small debris as over time these particles can wear the internal surfaces of critical engine parts and can also cause damage to the oil pump. The engine oil completes a number of tasks for the engine, these include helping to cool the engine by moving the heat away from precarious components and also to seal gaps between the cylinder walls and the pistons.

              How do oil filters work?

              The filter element is normally contained within a metal can that has a method of creating a tight seal on the engine block allowing the oil to enter and leave the filter. The material inside the filter which is used to trap the contaminates is often made from some type of synthetic material or fibre. When the engine is turned on and running, the oil pump forces oil into the filter via perforated holes situated on the top, the oil is then pressurised through the material and then back into the engine block via the centre hole.

              Which filter should I buy?

              Choosing the correct oil filter for your tractor is essential, otherwise the seal may not be obtained between the engine block and filter causing the oil to leak out of the engine and lead onto expensive repair bills if not corrected. To find the right part number for your tractor's oil filter you should consult your owner's manual or you can also search our full range of oil filters where you refine the results by tractor make and model. Remember, using an incorrect filter may be cheap in the short term but it can lead to expensive repair bills further down the road including a complete engine overhaul.

              Do you know what's inside your filters?

              Whats inside your filter. Compare filter with other brands to Agrifilters Other filter brands Agrifilter products

              About Agrifilters

              a trade mark of Sparex who have overcome the challenges of offering a filtration range which provides both quality and affordability.

              Get high quality at the best price.

              Whilst the cost of filters might be the lowest part of a maintenance package, they are one of the most important elements. Installation of high quality filtration product is key and can significantly reduce lost revenue. The associated cost of installing poor quality filtration products can be high and ranges from:

              • Reduced service intervals and dramatic increase in maintenance costs
              • Increased component part replacement due to failure
              • Production loss due to increased repair time

              The manufacturing and assembly of the Agrifilter range is contained in-house with only raw materials being outsourced. Raw materials such as steel, paper and chemicals are sourced from renowned German companies but still undergo a full quality audit upon receipt. Only with such stringent quality management and technological production methods can we produce such high quality products. Ongoing research and development activities ensure Agrifilter products deliver on both performance and quality, leading to high customer satisfaction.

              Tractor parts described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are Sparex branded tractor replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM.