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              Battioni Pagani Pumps and Spare Parts

              Battioni Pagani® is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of revolving blades vacuum pumps and accessories for agricultural and industrial markets since 1953. Their know-how has been built through continuous investment in product development, supply chain and mass volume manufacturing to provide the highest product performances at the lowest cost. With the largest production capacity in the world of over 20,000 pumps per year and with more than 500,000 pumps delivered to over 120 countries, Battioni Pagani® is recognized for its proven track record of consistent delivery of performance, quality and reliability by all people that do not accept compromises.

              Agricultural Applications

              Battioni Pagani pumps can be used for a number of applications around the farm but most noticeable for slurry management using the following methods:

              • Hose reel emptying
              • Slurry spreading (umbilical system)
              • Tanker slurry handling

              Battioni Pagani Pump Features

              The Rotary blades vacuum pumps Battioni Pagani Pompe® have been designed and constructed in compliance with EEC safety regulations and have been assessed for risks according to standard UNI EN ISO 12100:2010. Since the design of this pump complies with the definition of a machine as contained in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the pump bears the CE mark on its identification plate.

              Battioni Pagaini Pump Versions

              Pump Versions

              M - the power take-off is actuated through a cardan shaft at 540 RPM. This version can be recognised by the gearbox placed at the front of the vacuum pump and by the identification plate.

              P - the power take-off is actuated through a pulley and belts. This version can be recognised by the cylindrical shaft with key of the power take off and by the plate, …/P pulley application.

              D - the power take-off is actuated through a cardan shaft directly connected to the splined hub. This version can be recognised by the splined hub placed at the front of the vacuum pump and by the identification plate, …/D direct drive.

              H - the power take-off is actuated through a gears hydraulic motor. This version can be recognised by the hydraulic motor support placed at the front and by the identification plate, …/H hydraulic drive.

              Pump Vanes

              STANDARD - Standard blades are suitable for no-strong uses, for short and not frequent periods.

              LONG LIFE - Long life blades are made of a special material suitable for strong uses and for rotary blades vacuum pump used in agricultural field. These blades offer an excellent resistance to wear and mechanical and heat stress. These are suitable for more frequent uses and to suck thick sewages.

              Pump Maintenance

              REBUILD KITS – Our selection of rebuild kits for rotary blades vacuum pump are composed of original Battioni Pagani® components including: blades, gaskets and oil seals all sealed into one useful blister pack.

              OIL - Battioni Pagani® recommends the use of Battioni Pagani “Vacuum Pump Oil” for internal lubrication. It ensures: best oxydation resistance, best anti-rust performances, anti-foam, and a wide temperature range: from -5°C to 160°C.

              Pump Crash Protection System (CPS)

              The CPS is a system that has been design to allow the flange to slide which prevents breakage if foreign bodies become lodged between the rotor and the pump body. The video below demostrates this using a Battioni Pagani MEC 9000 pump:

              Battioni Pagani Parts

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