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              Connix™PLUS LED WIRELESS LIGHTS

              ConnixPLUS Wireless LED Lights

              Connix™PLUS wireless lighting with even more functions and greater flexibility

              This smart, versatile and modern product has the same innovative features as Connix™ LED but with six lighting functions and it’s transferability to multiple vehicles the opportunities now seem endless!

              What makes Connix™PLUS different?

              • It’s wireless – with a 20m range there is no need to for those annoying wires that are always in the way.
              • It’s rechargeable - up to 10 hour battery life from a single 5hr charge.
              • It’s LED – Clear and bright neon effect
              • It’s multi-functional – You can use them as rear lighting, indicators, brake lights or to illuminate your number plate.
              • It’s made for the farm – Long lasting and extremely durable Connix™ Lights have been created with farmers in mind.
              • It's magnetic - Easy fit heavy duty magnet with anti-scratch suction
              • It's for multiple vehicles - Compatible with a variety of vehicle types including non-agricultural and trailers.
              • It's quality assured - Durable construction and IP65 rated.
              ConniXPLus Set

              You will know ConniX™ if you have already used it, but why not upgrade to the new neon dynamic lighting ConniX™ Plus with the on-board monitoring sensor? An addition to the ConniX™ lighting range, the unique design of the new ConniX™ Plus includes 6 lighting functions, Brake, Tail, Indicator, Number Plate, Fog & Warning Reflector. The dynamic indicator with neon light effect gives a clear, bright lighting quality as well as a modern look to your vehicle. The monitoring sensor synchronized with the wireless light that provides constant status update on battery level while you are driving. Simply plug into the 12V socket in your vehicle. An extra comfort and convenient to know the wireless lighting are functioning as you expected.

              Bright, simple, unique with smart technology, the ConniX™ Plus is your 1st choice of wireless lighting solution

              ConniXPLus display sensor

              On-board display sensor

              Connix Plus also comes with a handy on-board synchronised 12V display sensor; providing status updates on battery level as well as confidently assuring the user everything is working correctly.

              Other Products From Connix

              Connix Lighting Set

              Part Number: S.130977

              Connix Lighting Set

              Contains: 1 LH Rear Light, 1 RH Rear Light & 1 Transmitter


              Part Number: S.143237

              Connix Wireless Connector

              Transmitter for Connix Lighting Sets

              Rear Light (LH)

              Part Number: S.143235

              Connix Magnectic Lights (Left hand side)

              Rear Light for Connix Lighting Sets (LH)

              Rear Light (RH)

              Part Number: S.143236

              Connix Magnectic Lights (Right hand side)

              Rear Light for Connix Lighting Sets (RH)

              Troubleshooting Connix™ Systems

              1. Ensure 7 pin transmitter is firmly fitted into the 7 pin socket.
              2. Ensure antenna is fitted to the 7 pin transmitter correctly and securely.
              3. Ensure the electrics and lights on vehicle are fully functional and in good working orders.
              4. Check Connix™ light battery is fully charged
              5. Ensure Connix™ is paired to the correct 7 pin transmitter. If in doubt, repeat the pairing process, refer to user manual.
              6. If Connix™ is showing any sign of damage, replace if required.
              7. Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual on compatibility with trailer lighting.
              8. Ensure LH (left), RH (right) lights are positioned and fitted correctly on the vehicle.

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