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              Lucas Automotive bulbs

              The famous ‘green box’ from Lucas has been a staple component for mechanics from all over the globe for quite a long time. The reason for this is that Lucas have always provided the parts that mechanics trust and keep close at hand to get the job done. They provide more than 600 premium quality products that are not only suitable for tractors but also for cars, trucks, motorcycle and even for use around the home. Lucas ensures that each bulb, from the littlest tachograph to the most recent xenon headlamp, is made to exacting standards using premium quality materials to ensure both high performance and reliability.

              Tractor Lights

              Tractor Lights

              As far as lights are concerned, tractors vary greatly in their electrical lighting complexity. Some may not even be fitted with any lights at all whereas others have a full system including work lights, headlights, indicators and beacon warning lights (from other leading brands such as Britax). To ensure that your vehicle is kept safe and that it can see and be seen by other road users and pedestrians then light checks should be carried out on a regular basis especial at the time of year when the nights are long and the days are short. It only takes a few minutes for an operator to turn on the tractor lights and carry out a safety and operation inspection on the tractor lights to ensure that any blown bulbs or broken lights are replaced keeping your tractor in a roadworthy condition


              Why you should check your tractor’s driving lights.

              The main driving lights on a tractor can sometimes be neglected as they often come into contact with farm implements, such as front loaders, that may cause the light some damage or knock them out of alignment. In either case the result could prove problematic for other road uses by bending the light beam and unnecessarily blinding them. If a driving light is knocked and becomes mis-aligned then you may need to hire a service engineer to align it correctly, but the cost far outweighs the potential for any road safety issues. Driving in the dark or in harsh weather can be difficult, by maintaining your main lights will help ease the stress of driving in these conditions.

              Can lights deteriorate?

              Over time some lights may age and the quality of light will deteriorate. Some of the reasons for this maybe:

              • Lenses become hazed or oxidised
              • Broken lights can allow moisture in
              • The foil in the back of a light has warn away

              What can be done to avoid deteriorated lights?

              Lenses become hazed – You can purchase specialist headlamp restoration kits from leading automotive brands. These are relatively easy to use and require a few tools to remove the oxidisation and restore the lens to its original condition.

              Broken lights can allow moisture in – this may be caused by a broken lens or a seal on the light has failed. You should avoid any temporary fixes using tape as this will not be effective and could fail within minutes, so it would be better to replace the whole unit with a new light module. Water contamination inside any light can also cause the bulb to blow prematurely.

              The foil in the back of a light has warn away – there isn’t much that you can do to repair this problem, so it would be best to buy a new light and swap them out, this can a quick and efficient way to bring your tractor’s lighting performance back to full brightness.

              Do I need work lights in addition to driving lights on a tractor?

              Driving lights are perfect for moving your tractor around the farmyard or on the road, however, once you are in the field you may find that fitting suitable work lights will help you to see much more clearly. There are many different types of work lights governed by the type of bulb and then, more importantly, by the about of lumens the light emits. LED lights can be slightly more expensive to purchase but he longevity and the amount of light produced can be a much superior choice than halogen lights. Work lights are a productive addition to any tractor operating in the field, but on a road they can be blinding to oncoming traffic so once you have completed the work in the field then make sure that work lights are turned off before you return to the farm using any roads. Find out more on LED work lights

              Vehicle Light Bulbs

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