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              LuK Transmission Parts

              Part of the worldwide Schaeffler Group, LuK is the leading manufacturer of clutch technology and supplies almost every tractor manufacturer with dry running clutches or torsion dampers for connecting the engine with the transmission. Tractor clutches do not only have to ensure operability. They often have to run secondary machines via PTO drive too. All leading tractor manufacturers rely on the durability, cost efficiency and the outstanding damping qualities of LuK tractor clutch systems. You can rely on products with prolonged operating life, it’s not without reason that LuK is the global leader in clutches sold per year.

              A Tractor's Clutch System

              Clutch System

              A clutch is basically a friction material, similar to a brake pad, that transfers the power between the tractor engine and the transmission which ultimately drives the wheels. A simple clutch setup includes: A flywheel (2) that is attached to the engines crankshaft (3), a clutch disc (4) that bolts up to the flywheel, a pressure plate (5) that holds the clutch disc in place and a clutch cover (1).

              How a clutch system works: When the engine is running the clutch spins freely and every time the clutch pedal (6) is pressed or released the pressure plate moves back and forth to engage the disc to the flywheel. Friction will eventually will stop the disc from turning and the pressure plate will transfer the power from the flywheel to the splined input shaft (7) through the transmission and thus providing power to the transmission and ultimately to the drive wheels.

              Tractor Clutch Components

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              Useful Tips on Common Tractor Clutch Problems

              What is clutch judder?

              Clutch judder is experienced by the tractor driver when the clutch is engaged and a vibration may be experienced through the peddle. When this occurs it will be difficult for the driver to achieve a smooth pull-away and deliver accurate tractor control.

              Possible causes of clutch judder are:

              • Clutch disc distorted
              • Clutch lever heights not even
              • Clutch pivots binding
              • Flywheel wear face uneven
              • Contaminated clutch disc friction
              • Clutch disc cushioning damaged

              What is clutch slip?

              One function of the clutch is to transmit the drive from the engine through the clutch into the transmission box without any loss of power. When the speed of the engine differs to the speed of the transmission then you may experieince clutch slip. This is evident by the engine revs increasing but the wheel or PTO speed failing to increase accordingly.

              Possible causes of clutch slip are:

              • Clutch disc friction damaged
              • Contaminated clutch disc friction
              • Clutch disc friction worn out
              • Clutch clamp load reduced
              • Tractor being used for incorrect work load
              • Operator driving error

              What is clutch drag?

              One function of the clutch is to interrupt the drive from the engine to the transmission, which allows the operator to select and engage each gear smoothly. If clutch drag occurs the operator will experience difficulty in selecting or changing gear without grating.

              Possible causes of clutch drag are:

              • Master & slave cylinder adjustment or fault
              • Stretched clutch cable
              • Excessive clutch pedal movement
              • Clutch housing centre bearing either seized or too tight
              • Contaminated clutch disc friction
              • Distorted or bent clutch disc

              What is clutch noise?

              Clutch noise may be as a result of parts failure or system wear. Noise during clutch disengagement is normally related to the release system. However, noise during engagement and drive is usually related to disc cushioning or damping.

              Possible causes of clutch noise are:

              • Badly worn splines
              • Faulty release bearing
              • Incorrectly fitted clutch disc
              • Clutch disc cushioning defective
              • Release bearing retainer clip or spring damaged
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