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              PLASSON Water Pipe Fittings

              PLASSON have a 50 year in the ground track record for its products. Their mechanical fittings offer solutions for connecting PE pipes, used for conveying water and other fluids in urban and inter-urban infrastructure, industrial, mining, landscape, farming as well as optical fibre duct systems. The fittings are designed to withstand working pressures of up to 16bar, and also include valves which allow the regulation of flow.

              MalpasOnline stock a full assortment of PLASSON pipe fittings suitable for water routing around the farm, home and workshop. Our available products to purchase include taps, joints, stop valves and adapters ranging in sizes from 20mm to 60mm available to buy online and all at affordable prices.

              Plasson Mechanical Water Fittings

              Reasons to use PLASSON pipe fittings:

              • Easy to assemble and no loose parts
              • Captive seal ensuring long term sealing
              • Proven long term performance using the highest quality materials and expert injection molding system
              • Excellent pull-out resistance
              • Tough and strong
              • Widest range of fittings including adapters to almost any type of pipe


              Are PLASSON taps suitable for cold weather?

              Yes. PLASSON's Artic tap range can withstand temperatures down to –20°C. They have been designed with an elasticity in the body that is able to absorb the increase in volume caused by icing. Once the temperatures rise again and the ice melts, the body returns to it's original form sealing the tap from leaks.

              Do I have to use jointing pastes?

              PLASSON BSP threads must be assembled with PTFE tape to ensure a leak free joint, they do not recommend using jointing pastes.

              How easy is it to install a mechanical fitting?

              PLASSON uses a simple three step procedure to install pipe into a mechanical fitting. Detailed here are the fitting instructions for metric fittings ranging from 20mm to 110 mm and imperial fittings ½” - 2”

              1. Insert liner into pipe (metric 20mm-63mm only) and slacken nut until half the thread is visible.
              2. Push pipe into body, through the nut, split ring, and ‘O’ ring.
              3. Tighten nut firmly: Hand tight on pipe 20mm (½”) – 32mm (1”), on pipe 40mm (1 ¼”) and above use a PLASSON wrench.

              Note: Lubrication of the pipe end will ease insertion (use silicon lubricant).

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