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              A tractor is mainly constructed in two parts with the front-end housing the engine and front axle, whilst the rear section holds the rear axle, cab and gearbox. The Sparex Tractor separators are designed to separate these two parts effortlessly, efficiently and safe during maintenance, repair and inspection. These separators are constructed by using two jacks with a sliding rail which allows the jacks to move separately and freely along the rail. There are two side locking plates on the jack stands to adjust the fixing and position safely to the tractor. By rotating the adjustment screw with the support handle you can adjust the height. The height an also be raised using the supplied extensions.


              • 2 Jacks stands and support fixings.
              • 1 support handle to assist the adjustment.
              • 2 Height extensions enabling the height to be increased by 10cm.
              • CE Approved
              • Safety locking bolts on each jack

              5T Tractor Separator - S.119888

              Sparex Tractor Separator


              • 3 metre slide rail for the movement of jacks stands.
              • Max. Supported weight 5000 KGS, per jack stand
              • Min. Height: 360mm / 460mm (with extension)
              • Max. Height: 540mm /704mm (with extension)
              • Working length between jacks: 234 mm

              10T Tractor Separator - S.150442

              Sparex Tractor Separator


              • 10T Supports weight of 10000kgs per jack stand
              • Min Height: 500mm (without extension) / 600mm (with extension)
              • Max Height: 740mm (without extension) / 840mm (with extension)
              • Rail Length: 4 Metres
              • Working Length between jack stands: 486mm
              • Recommended for tractors up to 250hp.

              Safety Guide


              The operator must fully understand the warnings on this product. The warnings are designed to highlight the importance and precautions required.

              • DANGER - You must draw the operators attention to situation of which may endanger his or other peoples’ safety.
              • CAUTION - To draw the operators attention to the situation which may affect the performance of the separator.
              • IMPORTANT - To draw the operators attention to good workman ship at all times.

              It is important to follow the safety guide lines given by the warnings, which can be clearly seen and found on this product. If you require to update this warning please contact the manufacturer.


              Understanding The Warnings

              Before Operation

              Before Operation
              Carefully read thoroughly these operating instructions before you operate this tractor separator.

              During Operation

              During Operation
              The operator must ensure jack stands do not exceed the maximum capacity on each jack. Especially pay attention to the situation of one stand being over loaded.

              During Operation

              During Operation
              Always use safety locks at bottom of the jack stands to avoid accidental movement when not in use.

              General Safety Guide

              While operating the tractor separator, one should pay great attention to the following safety points:

              • The operator to be experienced in using this equipment, read the instruction manual carefully.
              • Do not use this tractor separator for tractors over specified weight.
              • Do not exceed the maximum capacity per jack.
              • Pay attention to avoid the situation that one jack stand may be overloaded while the other is still in load scope due to uneven weight of the tractor.
              • The tractor separator must only be used on a clean level workshop floor.
              • This tractor separator must not be used without the side safety locking plates (5). adjust the jacks under the tractor and fix side locking plates in position.
              Tractor parts described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are Sparex branded tractor replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM.