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              Weasler PTO Shafts

              PTO Drive Shafts

              Since the early days farmers have always sort ways to increase productivity and efficiency around the farm, one of the key areas to assist the farmer is incorporating machines into the daily life. The first machines relied on belt driven systems powered by steam engines but these did have their draw backs, the main one being that the machinery had to be stationary. However, over time the system was improved which allowed for traction engines to pull the implement and power it using the rotation of the engines wheels to power the implement, which was fine until the traction engine stopped moving. This called for a new system to use the tractors engine to power the implement without any limitations. The first marketable PTO system was introduced by International Harvester around the late 1910's which was closely followed by other leading manufacturers of the time.

              Weasler PTO drive shafts are designed to meet specific requirements with the most economical design. Supplying a global market, Weasler can provide PTO drive shaft options in both North American and Metric. With these two styles Weasler has a complete offering of standard and wide angle PTO drive shafts, with many design options including telescoping, high speed, double telescoping.

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              PTO Shaft Components

              PTO Shaft Components
              1. Outer Yoke
              2. Universal Joint
              3. Inner Yoke
              4. Chain
              5. PTO Guard
              6. PTO Tube
              Weasler PTO Shaft Weasler PTO Shaft

              Weasler at MalpasOnline

              • MalpasOnline stocks over 40 different Weasler® PTO shafts, covering a wide range of different types from A1 to A9, and W2100 to W2600
              • Weasler® is one of the world's leading high quality power transmission shaft manufacturers, 1st fit for major OEMs
              • All of the Weasler Easy Lock® guard systems are laboratory tested under accelerated aging cycles to ensure maximum life expectancy
              • View all PTO parts including Weasler products at MalpasOnline.
              • We also have a range of other branded PTO shafts that may interest you?
              Weasler Applications Weasler Applications

              PTO APPLICATIONS

              The list of applications that can use a PTO is endless but here are some of the most popular implements:

              • Round Balers
              • Square Balers - Small
              • Square Balers - Large
              • Rakes & Tedders
              • Headers
              • Seeders
              • Rotary Tillers
              • Snow Blowers
              • Salt Spreaders
              • Forestry Equipment
              • Loaderwagons
              • Lawn & Turf Equipment
              • Mixer Feeder Wagons
              • Sprayers
              • Spreaders


              Regrettably all vehicle/implement connection dimensions are not all the same, otherwise it would be quite easy to select a common sized power take off shaft for any mechanical combination. So what information do you need to have to ensure that your PTO connects correctly to your tractor and implement? This may seem a bit daunting but it can be simplified in 3 easy steps;

              Step 1 - Type of PTO Shaft

              The first step in identifying a suitable replacement PTO assembly or component parts is to determine the "Series" (and "Type" where applicable) of the PTO shaft. The most common styles of PTO shafts are often referred to as "German" or "Italian" style.

              You can identify the series/type of a PTO shaft by looking at the Shaft Profile of the inner and outer tubes and cross reference that with the dimensions of the universal joint (measurements AØ and A) used. We will select the required length of the shaft in a later step.

              Step 2 - Tractor End

              What type of connection is used for the tractor end? These connections can vary and may have a Quick Release mechanics', or be Wide Angle or have an Overrun Clutch.

              Step 3 - Implement End attachment

              What type of equipment will be attached at the over end will depend on the connection required, if you're unsure then check your documentation or contact us with your enquiry.

              About Weasler

              FOUNDED in 1951, Weasler Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of mechanical power transmission products for Agricultural and Lawn & turf machinery. Weasler supplies quality products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the Agricultural, Lawn & Turf, Construction, Industrial and Marine markets. The Weasler brand has become synonymous with high quality, on-time delivery, reliability and flexible service. To find out more about Weasler visit www.weasler.com

              Weasler Safety - Danger Weasler Safety - Danger


              Do not operate a PTO Drive Shaft without:

              • All PTO Drive Shaft guards, tractor, and equipment shields in place
              • PTO Drive Shaft securely attached at both ends
              • PTO Drive Shaft guards that turn freely on the PTO Drive Shaft
              • Reading the operator's manual

              Before operating or maintaining a PTO Drive Shaft, consult your machine operator's manual. For additional information, reference Weasler's Instruction Manual (CE).

              Weasler recognizes the safety standards from the following organizations:

              • ASABE - The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
              • ISO - The International Organization for Standardization
              • CEN - The European Committee for Standardization
              Tractor parts described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are Sparex branded tractor replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM.