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              WiFi Security Camera

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              The Sparex innovative, new high definition security camera S.168919 can help farmers to remotely monitor and secure agricultural assets and livestock with confidence and ease. An added benefit is that it also qualifies for a grant, meaning that farmers can claim back up to 50% of the cost from The Rural Payments Agency*.

              So, what makes our Wi-Fi S.168919 security camera so special?

              The Sparex S.168919 Wi-Fi security camera offers advanced monitoring capabilities with its responsive zoom and image stability features, ensuring clear visuals in various conditions. It supports 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered, and timed recordings, with storage options including TF card, NVR, or cloud. The camera's 18x optical zoom allows for detailed observation from distances exceeding 100 metres, making it ideal for extensive property surveillance. Its enhanced infrared night vision technology provides clear footage even in low-light situations, ensuring round-the-clock security. With smartphone connectivity and in-app alert functionality, users can receive instant notifications of any detected movement, enhancing the camera's proactive security measures. Additionally, the camera can be programmed to focus on specific locations, facilitating targeted monitoring of critical areas. Installation is straightforward, making it easy to integrate into existing security setups.

              Key Camera Features

              • Monitor and secure your assets both indoors and out with our new Wi-Fi connected security camera system.
              • This powerful camera has up to 18 x zoom allowing you to see small details well over 100m away.
              • Take high resolution (4MP) photos or record video in 2.7K HD at the touch of a button.
              • Enhanced infrared night vision automatically captures clear footage in low-light conditions.
              • Improved movement sensor technology detects and automatically tracks people in real time. Choose between general motion detection for animals and vehicles or AI enhanced humanoid detection to single out people.
              • Save recorded footage either on an internal SD card or straight to the cloud.
              • Immediately receive alerts to your phone or tablet via the free to download app. The app also allows users to control the camera in various languages.
              • Log in to the app to pair your camera and allow up to four users to easily connect to the same camera using the 'Share' function.
              • Easily view all devices on your network and instantly access any camera to view images or recordings and manage settings.
              • Use the pan, tilt and zoom camera functions, and set up your pre-programmed positions for easier monitoring of key locations.
              • Communicate with others remotely using the built-in high-powered speakers and microphone allowing two-way conversation. Deter any potential intruders with an automated siren alarm.
              • The camera uses a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal for better range and area coverage.
              • The robust shell protects the camera from the elements and is IP66 rated meaning it is highly resistant to adverse weather and high temperatures.
              • 220-240V - 50Hz (Plug :Euro with UK Adaptor)
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              Kit Contents:

              • • Wifi Security Camera
              • • Instruction manual
              • • Screws
              • • Power Cord

              Camera Technical Specifications

              Operating system Embedded Linux OS
              Users Supports 4 users at the same time
              Image sensor 1/3 inch Progressive Scan CMOS
              Minimum Illumination 0.3~0.5Lux (Color mode), OLux (B&W Mode)
              Lens/Viewing Angle 5.9mm to 94.4mm zoom lens/4° to 62° (diagonal
              Night vision Automatic switching of dual filters, 6pcs 850nm infrared lamps, with irradiation distance of 25 meters
              Encode format H.264+/H.264 main profile/Motion-JPEG/JPEG
              Streams 2560*1440@30fps/640*360@15fps
              Bit Rate/Max Fps 128~4096kbps/30pfs
              Wireless LAN IEEE802. 11b/g/n
              Wireless LAN Frequency 2.4~2.4835GHz
              Wireless LAN Security 64/128-bit WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK data encryption
              PAN/TILT Pan-tilt Pan: 350°, tilt: 90°
              Memory TF Push-push socket, Maximum support 256GB, Cloud Storage, NVR, NAS
              Alarm Trigger Support motion detection, human detection, crying monitoring, smoke alarm detection, absence monitoring
              Power consumption Related power 5.2W (IR on), Max power 15W
              Operating condition Temperature -10~50°C, humidity <90%
              Package size 280x230x155mm (LxWxH)
              Temperature range -10°C to +50°C
              Voltage 220-240V - 50Hz
              Width (mm) 140
              Zoom 18X Optical Zoom

              * Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 219 - Cameras for monitoring farmyard

              The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) in the UK is a grant scheme designed to help farmers, foresters, and horticulturalists improve productivity and efficiency through the purchase of new equipment, technology, and infrastructure. The fund is part of the UK government's Agricultural Transition Plan, which aims to support the agriculture sector in moving away from the Basic Payment Scheme towards a system that pays for environmentally sustainable practices.

              The FETF offers financial assistance to eligible applicants for a specified list of items that are considered to contribute to improving the efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability of farming operations. This includes a wide range of equipment and technology, such as precision farming tools, energy-efficient machinery, and systems that enhance animal health and welfare.

              Applicants must meet certain criteria to be eligible for funding, and the items for which they can receive support are detailed in the fund's specification list, which is updated periodically to reflect the evolving needs of the sector and advancements in technology.

              The aim of the fund is to make the agricultural sector more efficient, productive, and sustainable, aligning with broader environmental goals and supporting the transition towards more sustainable farming practices in the UK.

              Farmers interested in such a funding round would need to:

              1. Check Eligibility: Ensure they meet the specific eligibility criteria set out for the FETF round, which could include the type and size of farming operation, environmental compliance, and the location of the farm.
              2. Review the List of Eligible Items: Understand which items are eligible for funding under the specific FETF call, as this can vary between different rounds of funding.
              3. Prepare and Submit an Application: Complete the application process, which typically involves providing detailed information about the farm, the intended use of the funding, and how it will contribute to the farm’s productivity and sustainability.
              4. Compliance with Terms: Be ready to comply with any monitoring, reporting, or other conditions attached to the grant, ensuring that the funded equipment or technology is used as intended.

              Find out more on the Gov.uk website.

              Why use security cameras around a farm?

              Using security cameras around a farm provides numerous benefits, enhancing both security and operational efficiency. Here are some key reasons for their use:

              • Theft and Vandalism Prevention: Cameras act as a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals, reducing the risk of theft of machinery, equipment, livestock, and crops.
              • Monitoring Livestock: Cameras allow for the continuous observation of livestock, helping to quickly identify and address health issues, birthing complications, or predatory threats.
              • Property Surveillance: They enable the monitoring of vast and remote areas of a farm, ensuring all locations are observed without the need for constant physical presence.
              • Evidence Collection: In the event of criminal activity or disputes, video footage serves as evidence, helping to resolve issues and support insurance claims.
              • Operational Management: Cameras facilitate the monitoring of farm operations, enabling farmers to oversee and improve the efficiency of daily tasks and worker productivity.
              • Remote Access: With modern security cameras offering remote viewing via smartphones or computers, farmers can monitor their property and operations from anywhere, providing peace of mind and immediate response capabilities.

              Overall, security cameras are a crucial component in modern farming, offering a blend of security, management, and operational benefits that help to safeguard assets, improve efficiencies, and ensure the welfare of livestock.

              Installing and siting a security camera

              Installing and siting a security camera requires careful planning to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness. Here are some tips to consider during the installation process:

              1. Optimal Height Placement: Mount cameras at a height that provides a broad view while being out of easy reach to deter tampering or vandalism. Typically, this is about 2.5 to 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) off the ground.
              2. Cover Entry Points: Ensure cameras are positioned to monitor all entry points to the property, including doors, windows, and gates. This helps in identifying anyone attempting to enter or leave the premises.
              3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Place cameras away from direct sunlight to prevent glare and overexposure, which can hinder image quality. Consider the path of the sun throughout the day when choosing locations.
              4. Consider Lighting Conditions: For areas with low light, ensure your cameras have night vision or consider installing additional lighting to improve the visibility and effectiveness of your cameras during nighttime.
              5. Field of View: Be mindful of the camera’s field of view. Position cameras to avoid obstructions like trees, buildings, or decor that may block critical areas from view.
              6. Weather Protection: If cameras are to be installed outdoors, ensure they are weatherproof or housed in protective casings to prevent damage from rain, wind, or dust.
              7. Vandalism Protection: Place cameras in locations where they are less susceptible to vandalism. Consider protective casings that shield the camera without obstructing its view.
              8. Wireless Signal Strength: For wireless cameras, ensure they are placed within range of your Wi-Fi network. Test the signal strength in the intended location before final installation to prevent connectivity issues.
              9. Privacy Considerations: Ensure your cameras are positioned to monitor your property only, respecting the privacy of neighbours and adhering to local regulations.
              10. Professional Advice: When in doubt, consult with a security professional who can provide insights into the best practices for camera placement and installation specific to your property's layout and security needs.

              Following these tips can help maximise the effectiveness of your security camera system, providing comprehensive coverage and enhancing the safety and security of your property.

              The S.168919 security camera provides farmers with peace of mind as they can remotely secure and protect their property, livestock and buildings from theft, trespassers and so much more. We encourage our readers to take advantage of the new RPA grant and order S.168919 from MalpasOnline.co.uk. You won’t be disappointed!

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