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              O' Ring-Axle Housing for Ford New Holland, Case IH - S.65477

              O' Ring-Axle Housing O' Ring-Axle Housing
              O' Ring-Axle Housing - view 1

              Part No. S.65477

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              Weight: 0.0192kg

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              Technical Information

              O' Ring-Axle Housing O'Ring

              Part / Product Specification and Notes

              Brand Sparex
              Tariff Code 4016930090

              For additional technical details / dimensions please refer to catalogue pages


              Ford New Holland
              2310 (1000 Series)250C260C2810 (10 Series)2910 (10 Series)3000 (1000 Series)3055 (1000 Series)3230 (30 Series)335 (Industrial)335 US BUILT340 (Industrial)340A340B3430 (30 Series)345C345D3550 (Industrial)3550 US BUILT3600 (100 Series)3610 (10 Series)3900 (100 Series)3910 (10 Series)3910N3910V3930 (30 Series)3930N4000 (1000 Series)4000 US BUILT4100 (1000 Series)4110 (10 Series)4110 US BUILT4110N4110V4130 (30 Series)4130N4140 (1000 Series)4190 (1000 Series)420 (Industrial)420 US BUILT4200 (1000 Series)4330 (30 Series)4340 (40 Series)4400 (Industrial)4400 US BUILT4410 (10 Series)445 (Industrial)445 US BUILT445A445C445D4504500 (Industrial)4500 US BUILT455 (Backhoe)455C455D4600 (100 Series)4600 US BUILT4600SU4610 (10 Series)4610 US BUILT4610N4610SU4610V4630 (30 Series)4630N4830 (30 Series)4830N5000 (1000 Series)5000 US BUILT5030 (30 Series)5100 (1000 Series)5110 (10 Series)515 (Industrial)515 US BUILT5190 (1000 Series)5200 (1000 Series)532 (Industrial)532 US BUILT5340 (40 Series)535 (Industrial)535 US BUILT540 (Industrial)540A540B545 (Industrial)545 US BUILT545A545C545D550 (Backhoe)5500 (Backhoe)555 (Backhoe)5550 (Backhoe)555A555B555C555D555E5600 (100 Series)5610 (10 Series)5610S5640 (40 Series)5700 (100 Series)575D575E5900 (100 Series)6410 (10 Series)650 (1954 - 1957 - Hundred Series)6500 (Backhoe)655 (Backhoe)655A655C655D655E6600 (100 Series)6610 (10 Series)6610S6640 (40 Series)6700 (100 Series)6710 (10 Series)675D675E6810 (10 Series)7000 (1000 Series)7010 (10 Series)7100 (1000 Series)7200 (1000 Series)7410 (10 Series)7507500 (Backhoe)755 (Backhoe)755A755B7600 (100 Series)7610 (10 Series)7610S7700 (100 Series)7710 (10 Series)7740 (40 Series)7810 (10 Series)7810S7840 (40 Series)7910 (10 Series)8010 (10 Series)8030 (Combines - Clayson)8210 (10 Series)8240 (40 Series)8340 (40 Series)TS100 (TS Series)TS100 BRAZILIANTS110 (TS Series)TS110 BRAZILIANTS115 (TS Series)TS120 BRAZILIANTS6000 - (BRAZIL)TS6020 - (BRAZIL)TS6030 - (BRAZIL)TS6040 - (BRAZIL)TS90 (TS Series)TV140

              Manufacturer Part Nos

              Case IH
              379313S91 83417133
              Ford New Holland
              379313S91 83417133

              Catalogue Pages

              S.700267 Tractor Parts Volume 1
              Rear Axle
              Français - Pièces Techniques 2014 (Vol 1) -
              Pont Arriere
              S.73978 Ford
              Rear Axle
              Gold Value Parts
              Ford New Holland - Hydraulic Pumps & Components

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