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              J-B Adhesive Weld
              J-B Adhesiveweld J-B Adhesive, the World's Strongest Bond, is a two-part epoxy resin that contains particles of iron and steel. Once set, it has properties similar to mild steel. J-B Adhesiveweld is a long term Permanent Repair Solution. Use it for sealing leaks in water pipes, petrol tanks, car batteries, cylinder heads, repair broken flanges on metal castings. Bond broken vehicle trim, both internal and external. Fix broken oven doors, kettles, fridge-freezers etc.
              Key Properties.
              Tensile strength 4000 psi.
              Temperature resistant to 300°C
              Workability Drill it, grind it, machine it, file it, tap it.
              Chemical resistance to Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Battery Acid, Salt Water.
              Bonds to any rigid surface Iron, Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Fibre, Masonry.Working time 25 minutes.
              Setting time 4 hours.
              Full strength 16 hours.
              Shelf life once opened. 25 years Guaranteed.
              In stock (for UK mainland delivery only)
              Inc VAT
              Kwik Weld
              J-B Kwikweld J-B Kwik is the Strongest Kwik Set two part epoxy resin bond on the market. It contains particles of iron and steel to give it stregth and durability. J-B Kwik is an emergency solution or a permanent repair where the strength
              In stock (for UK mainland delivery only)
              Inc VAT
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