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              Engine Antifreeze

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              Sparex branded Engine Antifreeze .
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              Antifreeze - Koldgard 50/50, 5L
              Koldgard 50/50 is a premixed and ready to us engine coolant (antifreeze), protects all engines to -37°C.
              Monoethylene glycol based, contains no nitrates, amines, phosphates, borax, silicates and no other mineral additives
              Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.
              Increased life-time, allowing frequent maintenance, thanks to corrosion inhibitors which are little consumed in the time.
              • Effective corrosion protection optimised inhibitor package
              • Excellent pitting protection for wet sleeve cylinder liners
              • Aluminium protection high performance additives
              • Uniform and homogeneous protective layer, engineered low-silicate inhibitor package
              • No gel formation or drop out performing silicate stabiliser
              • No scale formation phosphate free inhibitor package
              Koldgard 50/50 coolant is compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycol. Exclusive use is however recommended for optimum corrosion protection and inhibitor stability. This coolant is compatible with most European hard tap waters. However, for optimal performance and controlled quality, we recommend the use of de-ionised or distilled water to prepare the ready-to-use dilutions.
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