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              NTN/SNR Portable induction heater FAST THERM 20
              The NTN-SNR bearing induction heaters are intended for heating rolling bearings. Other metal components forming a closed circuit such as bushings, shrink rings, pulleys and gears can also be heated. This will facilitate mounting where an interference fit is required.
              Small, light heater: weighs only 22 kg.
              Easy to use, ideal for working on site.
              Designed for all bearings and rotating parts with a bore diameter above 20 mm with a maximum diameter of 280 mm and a maximum weight of 20 kg.
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              NTN SNR  IFT SET 33 Bearing Mounting Kit
              APPLICATIONS The use of a suitable socket, associated with the mounting sleeve, enables to install the bearing to the desired adjustment. The simultaneous support of the outer and inner rings prevents the risk of deterioration of the races and rotating assemblies. The kit can also be used for assembling other components such as sealing rings, pinions and pulleys. ADVANTAGES Of light and strong construction for workshop use, this toolbox contains: 33 impact rings:
              • Very robust for a long working life.
              • In impact-resistant, synthetic material, avoiding any metal-to-metal contact.
              • Ideal for use in conjunction with a press.
              • Calibrated for approximately 400 different bearings: - with bore diameters between 10 and 50 mm - and with outside diameters between 26 and 110 mm
              • Clearly and permanently identified to aid selection. 3 mounting sleeves:
              • Light and extremely robust, made of aluminium.
              • With a good grip for the hand. 1 special dead blow mallet, ensuring optimum impact force is applied.
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              NTN SNR Infrared Thermometer Lasertemp 301
              The LASER TEMP 301 thermometer combines safety with accuracy.
              The safety of remote infrared measurement for burning, moving or difficult-to-access objects.
              Accurate measurement using the contact probe.
              Its elaborate optical system allows small, remote targets to be measured easily and precisely.
              Wide measurement range in infrared mode: -50°C to +850°C.
              High degree of precision, using the:
              Laser targeting device,
              The excellent 30:1 distance to target ratio,
              Emissivity adjustable between 0.1 and 1,
              Type K thermocouple wire probe.
              Extremely quick measurements: response time less than 1 second.
              Internal memory able to record up to 20 measurements.
              Equipped with the following functions:
              High / low, visual and audible adjustable alarms,
              Automatic switch-off to maximise its useful life,
              Maximum, minimum, difference, average measurement.
              Light, ergonomic gun shape.
              Simple to use, it may be easily con?gured to work in °C or °F.
              Back-lit display for easy reading.
              Supplied with:
              Type K thermocouple wire probe (range -50°C to +440°C, length 1 m),
              Protective pouch - User manual.
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              NTN/SNR SCHP 4Ton  Self-center Hydraulic Puller
              The self-centering device facilitates positioning and anchoring around the bearing. The power developed by the hydraulic system allows the part to be extracted safely with very little effort.

              • Ready-to-use in a strong case. No assembly of the jaws required before use.

              • Compact: the hydraulic pump is built-in. No need for a separate pump, hose or spindle.

              • Ergonomic: pump handle pivoting through 360°, allowing the extractor to be used in the most comfortable position.

              • Telescopic, it provides optimum transmission of the effort.

              • Easy centering of the piston on the shaft with retractable, integrated point.

              • A piston extension is supplied for use with a remote support surface.

              • A piston return device makes it ready immediately for further use.

              • Long stroke of hydraulic spindle facilitates dismounting in one operation.

              • Possibility to change between two or three jaws, depending on the accessibility of the bearing.
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