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              Fence Alarm

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              Fence Alarm - Luda
              FenceAlarm is an electric fence monitor that alerts you immediately when the fence breaks which means you can act quickly and avoid the animals from escaping.
              With FenceAlarm each farm saves on average 50 hours per year which makes it a good investment
              But the best thing about FenceAlarm is that you can keep calm and be sure that the animals are kept in the pasture.
              FenceAlarm notifies you through an app (My.Luda.Farm) if the voltage in your fence would drop.
              With Alarm+ (optional), you will receive an alarm immediately in case the voltage drops in addition to a convenient voltage graph to help you determine whether the voltage drop is due to animals or shrubs/rain.
              FenceAlarm can be used everywhere where there is GSM coverage.
              The app is available for Android, Mac, IOS, and Windows.
              3 year warranty.
              SIM card, GSM connection and 12 month of Alarm+ are included.
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              Offer Expires: 31/12/2024
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              You Pay: £179.21
              Inc VAT
              Solar Charger - 3W
              The solar panel that charges the battery for you
              With the solar panel SolarCharger 3W connected to your FenceAlarm your battery will always be fully charged.
              This means that you no longer have to mount down and bring home your FenceAlarm unit for charging.
              Why not save time and energy using the sun’s rays? Natural energy at its best!
              In stock (for delivery only)
              Inc VAT
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