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              We stock 2222 parts for 161 models for Fiat. Listed below are model numbers grouped by the tractor series they are in. You can use your browser's "find on this page" feature to locate your model number. Clicking on a model number will list all product categories that have tractor replacement parts suitable for that model.

              Fiat Model Index

              1000 (Classic Models)100-55 (Crawler Tractor - 55 Series)100-90 (90 Series)100-90DT110-90 (90 Series)110-90DT115-90 (90 Series)1180 (Classic Models)1280 (Classic Models)1300 (Classic Models)130-90 (90 Series)1380 (Classic Models)140-90 (90 Series)1580 (Classic Models)160-55 (Crawler Tractor - 55 Series)160-90 (90 Series)180-90 (90 Series)1880 (Classic Models)
              250 (Classic Models)
              300 (Classic Models)315 (Classic Models)350 (Classic Models)35-66 (66 Series)37003750379038503900
              400 (Classic Models)411R415 (Classic Models)415R420 (Classic Models)440 (Classic Models)446 (Classic Models)450 (Classic Models)450R45-66 (66 Series)45-76 (76 Series)466 (Classic Models)470 (Classic Models)474 (Classic Models)480 (Classic Models)
              500 (Classic Models)50-5650-66 (66 Series)50-86 (86 Series)540 (Classic Models)550 (Classic Models)55-46 (46 Series)55-56 (56 Series)55-65 (65 Series)55-66 (66 Series)55-75 (75 Series)55-76 (76 Series)55-85 (85 Series)55-86 (86 Series)55-88 (88 Series)55-90 (90 Series)566 (Classic Models)56-66 (66 Series)570 (Classic Models)580 (Classic Models)
              600 (Classic Models)60-46 (46 Series)60-56 (56 Series)60-65 (65 Series)60-66 (66 Series)60-75 (75 Series)60-76 (76 Series)60-85 (85 Series)60-86 (86 Series)60-88 (88 Series)60-90 (90 Series)60-93 (93 Series )60-94 (94 Series)615 (Classic Models)62-85 (85 Series)62-86 (86 Series)640 (Classic Models)650 (Classic Models)65-46 (46 Series)65-56 (56 Series)65-66 (66 Series)65-88 (88 Series)65-90 (90 Series)65-93 (93 Series )65-94 (94 Series)665666 (Classic Models)670 (Classic Models)680 (Classic Models)
              70-56 (56 Series)70-65 (65 Series)70-66 (66 Series)70-66DT70-75 (75 Series)70-76 (76 Series)70-86 (86 Series)70-88 (88 Series)70-90 (90 Series)715 (Classic Models)72-85 (85 Series)72-86 (86 Series)72-93 (93 Series )72-94 (94 Series)750 (Classic Models)766 (Classic Models)780 (Classic Models)
              80-65 (65 Series)80-66 (66 Series)80-75 (75 Series)80-76 (76 Series)80-8580-86 (86 Series)80-88 (88 Series)80-90 (90 Series)82-6682-85 (85 Series)82-86 (86 Series)82-86 (86 Series)82-93 (93 Series )82-94 (94 Series)850 (Classic Models)85-55 (Crawler Tractor - 55 Series)85-90 (90 Series)880 (Classic Models)880-588-85 (85 Series)88-93 (93 Series )88-94 (94 Series)
              900 (Classic Models)90-90 (90 Series)90-90DT95-55 (Crawler Tractor - 55 Series)95-90 (90 Series)980 (Classic Models)
              F100 (F Series)F110 (F Series)F115 (F Series)F120 (F Series)F130 (F Series)F140 (F Series)F480
              G170 (G Series)G190 (G Series)G210 (G Series)G240 (G Series)
              L521L60 (L Series)L624L65 (L Series)L75 (L Series)L85 (L Series)L95 (L Series)
              M100 (M Series)M115 (M Series)M125M135 (M Series)M160 (M Series)


              Fiat 640 DTH tractor

              Constructor of agricultural equipment, Fiat Trattori was founded in Italy in the late 1910’s with its first farm tractor the 702. The company continue to produce all different types of tractors until 1991 when it took over the Ford New Holland brand and adopting the new name after dropping Fiat and Fiatagri brands. Fiat Industrial remains the major shareholder in the now CNH group producing tractors under Case/IH and New Holland branding.

              Tractor parts described as suitable for original manufacturers on this site are Sparex branded tractor replacement parts and are not manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference purposes only and are not intended to indicate or suggest that our replacement parts are made by the OEM.