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              MAHLE Original Alternators & Starter Motors

              MAHLE Original Parts

              MAHLE - Driven by performance

              As one of the world's 20 largest suppliers to the automotive and agricultural industry, MAHLE offers innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure.

              The MAHLE success story begins in 1920 when the Mahle brothers bucked the trend of using heavy cast iron components in engines by producing light-alloy pistons at their small, newly established company. To keep dirt and dust out of the engine, they eventually developed air and oil filters as well. Their perseverance paid off: the light-alloy pistons began to take over the market. Nowadays, half of all vehicles produced worldwide contain MAHLE components.

              The MAHLE Original brand stands for spare parts in original equipment quality along the entire range of alternators, starter motors and related components. It also stands for high-quality special equipment for maintenance and service. The brand is backed by MAHLE, a leading global automotive supplier, which supplies the automotive equipment market with high-quality products thanks to its OE competence, leading research and development work, as well as its international logistics network.

              MAHLE Alternators

              MAHLE alternators

              Even under the toughest conditions, MAHLE alternators work reliably: dust, mud, salt, severe vibrations, heat, cold, and electrical loads have nothing on them. MAHLE have not only tested them extensively and thoroughly, but also applied decades of practical experience to their design. Of course, their alternators also fulfil all international standards and requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies and materials.

              MAHLE alternators are made of high-quality, proven materials: bronze, copper, steel, and metal graphite. Moreover, their designs are adapted to the particular application and its requirements. For example, the alternators for construction and agricultural machinery have extremely durable brushes and bearings, special support points for dust covers, and connections for intake air hoses. In addition, their components are also well protected.

              Does your alternator need replacing?

              A standard alternator has two tasks on a tractor:

              1. Keeps the electrical system running
              2. Recharges the battery

              So if your alternator stops working then your battery will eventually drain down preventing any electrical components from working correctly, as well as inhibiting the engine from starting. Alternators can fail suddenly but here are a few tips on what to look out for a failing alternator:

              • Headlight power may start to pulse
              • A loud squealing noise may be heard from the engine bay area
              • If your tractor is fitted with one, then a warning light on the cab panel may be lit, (check your tractor's documentation for warning light diagnostics)

              However, before replacing an alternator there are a few other things to check first:

              • Is the battery charged and in good condition?
              • Are the battery leads correctly connected and do not show any signs of damage or corrosion?
              • Are all electrical connections secured correctly and free of corrosion?
              • Is the wire harness in proper working order and not damaged?
              • Are all bolts and nuts properly torqued to the correct settings?
              • Is the drive belt free of damage and properly tensioned?

              If all of the above is correct then it may be time to replace your alternator. This can be completed by an enthusiastic d-i-y-er but if you are in any doubt then a competent engineer should be called to undertake the task.

              MAHLE Original Alternator Price Reductions


              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 100 Amps for Fiat, Ford New Holland, Ford / New Holland, Iskra, Lester - S.36205
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 120 Amps for Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, AGCO, Bosch, Iskra, Lester - S.36203
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 120 Amps for John Deere, Bosch, Fiat, Iskra, Lester - S.36202
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 120 Amps for Valmet & Valtra, AGCO, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.36230
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 120 Amps for John Deere, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.360940
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 120 Amps for Renault, Claas, Iskra - S.35912
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 65 Amps for Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, Ford New Holland, Claas, Mercedes Benz, Steyr, AGCO, Bosch, Case IH / International Harvester, Fiat, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Magneton, Valeo, Volvo - S.35954
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 33 Amps for John Deere, Same, Claas, Eicher, AGCO, Agria, Bosch, Hako, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Mercedes Benz, Valeo - S.36099
              BUY NOW


              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 33 Amps for Case IH, Fendt, AGCO, Bosch, Case IH / International Harvester, Claas, Fiat, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.36157
              BUY NOW


              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 33 Amps for Fiat, Ford New Holland, Allis Chalmers, Lamborghini, White Oliver, Bosch, Case IH , Lucas, Renault, Same, Valeo - S.62411
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 55 Amps for John Deere, Eicher, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Valeo - S.35950
              BUY NOW


              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 65 Amps for Same, Claas, Iskra, Lester - S.35967
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 33 Amps for Steyr, AGCO, Bosch, Iskra, Lester - S.35942
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              Alternator (Mahle) - 14V, 80 Amps for Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, Steyr, Case IH, Iskra - S.36179
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              MAHLE Starter Motors

              MAHLE starter motors

              The MAHLE starter motor product line includes a wide range of starter motors designed for a variety of tractor makes and models. They provide outstanding resistance to salt, fog, humidity, water, dust, mud, vibration, extreme temperatures, and aggressive liquids. Their design complies with the standards of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and with other international directives and standards. MAHLE starter motors are produced using environmentally conscious technologies and materials.

              Troubleshooting a problematic starter motor

              The first indication that your starter motor isn't working will be obvious in that your tractor engine will not turn over, but how can you tell if the problem lies with the starter motor? Well the first thing to check would be if your battery is fully charged using a voltmeter. Then ensure that the battery connections are free of corrosion and secured tightly to the battery. If that is ok then you may be able to tell if the starter motor has failed by listening to the engine bay whilst the ignition is turned. You may here either a clicking, whirring, grinding or buzzing noise, but what do each of these mean?

              Clicking: This could mean that the starter motor is getting enough power to it or the internal components are sticking. Things to check before replacing the unit would be:

              • Poor Wiring connections - check to see if any of the wires on the unit have become loose, don't forget to also check the earth cable as well.
              • Ignition switch - do the normal lights on the cab panel come on when the ignition switch is turned? If not then your problem could be with the ignition switch which will need to be replaced.

              Whirring: if there is a continuous whirring noise coming from the starter motor then this is a sure sign that it is broken. The most likely reason for this is a defective pinion gear not correctly engaging with the flywheel, time to purchase a new starter motor.

              Grinding: this generally points to a worn teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear and they are just grinding against each other instead of rotating. If this is the case then to avoid any further damage the flywheel of starter motor should be replaced as soon as possible. It may also be worth checking the mounting points and ensure that the bolts are secured correctly, if not tighten and re-try to start the engine.

              Buzzing: this normally points to a lack of electrical current getting through to the starter motor. This could be caused by a weak battery, poor wiring connections, dirty or corroded connections.

              MAHLE Original Starter Motor Price Reductions


              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 1.7Kw - Gear Reducted Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Valeo - S.36149
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 2.7Kw for David Brown, Ford New Holland, MF, Bosch, Case IH, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.36103
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 2.7Kw for Fendt, Renault, AGCO, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Valeo - S.35979
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 2.8Kw for Landini, Massey Ferguson, Perkins, Valmet & Valtra, AGCO, Bosch, Claas, Fiat, Iskra, JCB, Lester, Lucas, Manitou - S.361050
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3.1Kw for Deutz-Fahr, AGCO, Bosch, Fendt, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.36117
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3.1Kw for Fendt, AGCO, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Renault - S.36134
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3.2Kw - Gear Reducted for Case IH, John Deere, Iskra - S.36196
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3.4Kw - Gear Reducted for John Deere, Renault, AC Delco, Bosch, Claas, Fiat, HELLA LTD, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Valeo - S.127876
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3Kw for Fendt, Renault, AGCO, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas, Valeo - S.359870
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3Kw for Deutz-Fahr, Bosch, Iskra, Lester, Lucas - S.36143
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3Kw - Gear Reducted Iskra (IS0941) - S.36195
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              Starter Motor (Mahle) - 12V, 3Kw - Gear Reducted Claas, Iskra, Renault - S.36207
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              MAHLE Original Parts

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