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              Top Link Assemblies

              A top link is the upper centre arm of a tractor's three-point hitch which is used to attach implements to the tractor such as ploughs and hay tines. There are two types of top links - manual and hyrdaulic.

              Manual Top Links

              Manual top links consist of adjustable tubes with a "ball end" at each end. One end of the ball-end is used to attach to the tractor the other to an implement such as a plough or hay tine.With manual top links, all length adjustments to it are done manually by placing a top link pin into the shaft locking collar.

              Selecting the Right Manual Top Link

              Not all top links fit to every type of tractor. To select the correct top link to do the job, firstly you need to decide if your top link is going to be used for a specific tractor make. If not, a standard or heavy duty top link can be used. Next, the type of ball end that fits on to the tractor needs to be specified. Finally, the ball end that attaches to the implement parts needs to be chosen.

              To make this task easier, you can use our Manual Top Link Selector which guides you through the process of selecting the correct top link. . Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

              Hydraulic Top Links

              Hydraulic top links as the name suggests enables the top link to be adjusted hydraulically rather than manually. This provides much greater control when adjusting the angle of the attached implement. As with manual top links, hydraulic top links can have ball ends to attach to the tractor and implement. Additionally for Hydraulic top links on the tractor end a knuckle-type fitting can be used and on the implement end a hook fitting can be specified. As with manual top links, a ball attachment is also available.

              Selecting the Right Hydraulic Top Link

              The right hydraulic top link can be selected in much the same way as manual top links.

              Use our Hydraulic Top Link Selector to make it easier to select the correct top link. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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