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              PTFE Back-up Washer BS338/1ES for Case IH, David Brown, Ford New Holland, McCormick - S.12284

              PTFE Back-up Washer BS338/1ES PTFE Back-up Washer BS338/1ES
              PTFE Back-up Washer BS338/1ES - view 1

              Part No. S.12284

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              Technical Information

              PTFE Back-up Washer BS338/1ES Back Up Washer - Hydraulic Piston

              Part / Product Specification and Notes

              Brand Sparex
              Tariff Code 3926909790

              For additional technical details / dimensions please refer to catalogue pages


              Case IH
              238 (Industrial)248 (Industrial)258 (Industrial)268 (Industrial)288 (Industrial)3210 (3200 Utility Series )3220 (3200 Utility Series )3230 (32 Series)385 (85 Series)395 (95 Utility Series )4210 (4200 Utility Series)4220 (4200 Utility Series)4230 (4200 Utility Series)4240 (4200 Utility Series)454 (International)474 (International)475 (International)484 (International)485 (85 Series)485XL495 (95 Utility Series )495XL574 (74 Series)584 (84 Series)585 (85 Utility Series)585XL595 (95 Utility Series )595XL674 (Utility Series)684 (84 Series)685 (85 Series)685XL695 (95 Utility Series )695XL784 (84 Series)784 (International)785 (85 Series)785 (International)785XL795 (95 Utility Series )884 (84 Series)885 (85 Series)885XL895 (95 Utility Series )895XL995 (95 Utility Series )CX100 (CX Series)CX50 (CX Series)CX60 (CX Series)CX70 (CX Series)CX80 (CX Series)CX90 (CX Series)Hydro 84 (Hydro Static Drive Tractors)Hydro 86 (Hydro Static Drive Tractors)
              David Brown
              1200 (1200 Series)1210 (1200 Series)1212 (1200 Series)1290 (90 Series)1294 (94 Series)1390 (90 Series)1394 (94 Series)1490 (90 Series)1494 (94 Series)990 (900 Series)995 (900 Series)996 (900 Series)
              Ford New Holland
              250C260C2810 (10 Series)3230 (30 Series)340A340B3430 (30 Series)345C345D3900 (100 Series)3910 (10 Series)3930 (30 Series)4100 (1000 Series)4110 (10 Series)4110 US BUILT4130 (30 Series)420 (Industrial)420 US BUILT445 (Industrial)445 US BUILT445C445D4600 (100 Series)4600 US BUILT4610 (10 Series)4610 US BUILT4630 (30 Series)4830 (30 Series)5030 (30 Series)515 (Industrial)515 US BUILT532 (Industrial)532 US BUILT535 (Industrial)535 US BUILT540 (Industrial)540A540B545 (Industrial)545A545C545D7630
              CX100 (CX Series)CX50 (CX Series)CX60 (CX Series)CX70 (CX Series)CX80 (CX Series)CX90 (CX Series)

              Manufacturer Part Nos

              Catalogue Pages

              S.700268 Tractor Parts Volume 2
              Français - Pièces Techniques 2014 (Vol 2) -
              S.70349 David Brown
              Hydraulic Pumps
              S.73932 Case IH Catalogue
              Hydraulic Pumps
              S.73978 Ford
              Hydraulic Pumps
              Gold Value Parts
              Ford New Holland - Hydraulic Pumps & Components

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